Coming soon: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare’s masterpiece becomes an illustrated book. Guest Artist: Federica di Meo.

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Aoi wants to transform art and dreams in a reality. That’s why we have developed several projects to enhance who made drawing his dream.

Aoi Manga is a completely made in Italy comic publishing company.

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Aoi Business offers services of Web Design, Graphics, Video and Marketing to companies.

Aoi Business

AoiPress is a print project for those who want to self-produce.

Aoi Press

Akai has its own website, reserved only to an adult audience.

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Last releases

These are the last releases of Aoi Manga. Our works are made only by Italian Artists to offer a wide selection of editorial products in different but strictly Made in Italy styles.

Tonight you’ll be my guest, we enjoy a banquet together with the three dishes that this world considers the most delicious: Pain, Passion and Death. What? Are you asking me who I am? My emperor your question is very banal: I’m Mors, in Fabula, of course.

The calendar drawings are made by the guys from the Aoi Manga team. Francesca Zuccheri directed the project and Murasaki Haiku conceived the subjects and chose the historical/cultural references.

The Ècole Internationale Saint Michel is not the classic prestigious all-girls school. All the students want to become a perfect Lolita… or rather, all of them except our protagonist Yuri, who pretends to be a girl to follow his dream: creating the perfect loli’s harem.

Hetzer & Friends

The fun comic strips of Angelo Art 

Blog : becoming mangaka

Lezione 7: I will face my weakness

Lezione 7: I will face my weakness

Good morning guys! How are you? Did you miss me? Your Ai-Chan is here again :3 Did you like the topic of the previous class? I hope that it was useful. This month has been very intense, the examinations mixed up with work and this has tested my patience, but not my...

Lezione 6: Fanart

Lezione 6: Fanart

Hi guys! Here's a new class for you :3 I hope the week went well and you enjoyed the last lesson! As you can see, there's always more to learn! Even today we are ready for a new illustration... are you curious? You are right! This time we have talked about the fan...

Lesson 5: Hands and Complete Illustration

Lesson 5: Hands and Complete Illustration

Hi boys and girls, finally your Ai-Chan is back! Did you miss me? Hehe. I had a long and difficult period (unfortunately it is not over yet), but I’m not giving up! Besides, I never stopped drawing, in fact, I tried to practice as much as possible, always keeping in...

Ai Chan’s Training #3

Ai Chan’s Training #3

Hello to everyone :3 I'm sooo sorry for my absence, but I was on vacation aww... Sorry Á//Á now I've to do some university exams, but I'm back, ready more than ever u.u Even if I've been in vacation I always trained, making/abandoning some sketches and completed...