Hi guys! Here’s a new class for you :3
I hope the week went well and you enjoyed the last lesson! As you can see, there’s always more to learn!
Even today we are ready for a new illustration… are you curious? You are right! This time we have talked about the fan arts!
The other day a new playing card came out. It is very important for me, it is also available on smartphones, in other words it is Love Live. I completely fell in love with it! I told myself “But why don’t I try to make a very good fan art?” and so I began working.
I’m talking about Dia Kurosawa (my waifu!), even if I have to admit, I know her more for the game than for the anime… but shh.

I got to be honest: it wasn’t easy. I don’t know why, but I find very difficult to make a fan art… strange, isn’t it?
But I didn’t given up and I tried the same!

Taking inspiration from the last illustration, I immediately started working. I tried to implement all the teachings, including those on line art and colouring, attempting to work hard to not disappoint Aoi-kun.
I actually think I’ve made my life quite complicated, because for me it’s very difficult to draw this character.
As usual, I started with the initial sketch, paying attention to all the details, especially those of the dress. After this, I began the line art, taking care of the parts that I had to make thicker or thinner.
Later I switched to colour, starting from the eyes, then the skin, shawl and clothes, all the way to the flowers.
So far, so good, I was very pleased with the outcome.
Now here’s the good part: the background.

I’ll tell you a secret: this is my first background. I’m not very practical, but I want to train myself learning to do them very soon!
Firstly I thought about the context that I could draw. Unfortunately it’s hard to think of a scenery, it has to balance the imagine, without being more attractive than the subject; a bad structured background could clash, coming to ruin the whole illustration.
Firstly I decided the theme, since the character is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, nature would have been perfect: trees, plants… a grove!
Proud of my decision, I started sketching everything, firstly the bushes because they were closer to the subject. While I was outlining the contours, I thought about what kind of plant could be adapted to the context and what flowers’ colour could enhance perfectly my sweet waifu; at the beginning I thought to use a beautiful yellow for the flowers, but combined with red of the dress it would have exaggerated everything with warm colours and I didn’t want that, so at the end I chose a light blue, because it seemed more relaxing haha.
At this point I started working on the branches, for those I used smaller and less striking flowers, or the drawing would’ve been too loaded.
In the end, I coloured the grass and hills, adding the trail of identical brushes to those of the foreground. I preferred leave a gash of open sky, I wanted to let the drawing breathe.
What’s missing? The sky! It got me thinking a lot, I wasn’t sure if I’d to use a night or day effect.
At last the day won. I used light blue shaded with yellow, making everything harmonious with green of the lawn.
Paying attention to the points of shadow and light, I started making the next levels, adding also the shades of other colours (for example, the blue flowers have a purplish shade).
Lastly, I created the clouds with a softer brush.

I know, there’s still a lot to learn, but I’m very happy with the final result! I hope you like it, because it makes me very proud.
What do you say, do you have any advice or suggestion for the next class? What would you like to see? I’m very curious :3

Your Ai-Chan is waiting for you to the next class :3