Good morning guys! How are you? Did you miss me? Your Ai-Chan is here again :3
Did you like the topic of the previous class? I hope that it was useful.

This month has been very intense, the examinations mixed up with work and this has tested my patience, but not my love for the drawing; during this period, I tried to practice as much as possible, drawing quick illustrations in the spare times. If you follow me on my social profiles, you surely saw them (and I hope you liked them). Finally, having done my examinations, now I’m free and ready to dedicate myself completely to the drawing. Don’t stop following me to keep up on my progress!

In the new lesson, we focused on a very important thing: weak points. Who doesn’t have at least one? The important thing is being aware and able to face them. In this case, we focused on more than a topic: drawing boys (since I draw mainly girls), representing more than a subject, landscapes and perspective. Exactly, this time we speak about complex things! So be very careful.

The first thing to do before you arrive to the illustrations is the construction of the final image, which is the subjects’ position in relation to the chosen setting: before you start to draw, you have to know what we are doing and how the elements interact with each other.

For example: we want to draw some people in an open setting: we need to ask ourselves some questions: are they standing? Are they sitting? Where do they all sit? What are they doing? In what kind of landscape are they? But mostly… from what angle do we want to shoot the scene? From above? Frontal? In short, we need to answer very clearly these questions. Now we can start to draw some sketch (finally we have an idea of what we want to represent).

In this case, I’ve decided to use three of our mascots: Momoiro, Aoi and Kimidori.

After choosing the subjects, we can think about where and how we have to place them: I’ve decided to represent them sitting in a meadow, using an angle perspective, like I’ve the “camera” slightly moved from one side regarding the subjects’ frontal.

What kind of setting could I use? I wanted to do something simple, as if they were in a meadow surrounded by plants and trees.

It’s time to focus on my weaknesses:

Aoi (male)

Like I said: I don’t like drawing boys, we live in two different worlds.

The male anatomy, differently from the female one, has a different musculature, eyes are usually smaller and other details contribute to distinguish the two figures. In this case, I had to follow Aoi’s character design; this is a very important thing: if you do fan arts, it’s important that the character is immediately identifiable, then take good references and remember to include all the essential details (eyes colour, haircut, attitude, etc.).

Honestly, this is the point that gave me more trouble, I’m not experienced, but I’m sure that gradually, practising, I’ll improve more and more. Never give up!


A very important thing that I’ve learned in this lesson is the perspective. To achieve it we need to have a

perspective line. For example, if we have 3 characters, at any distance from the “camera”, these will have the perspective line passing through the same points (for example: if we mark a horizontal line passing through the centre of the paper and we take the shoulders as a reference, that line will have to touch the shoulders of each character present in the drawing).

Landscape and lights

For the landscape, I used the same techniques seen in the drawing of the last class. Trees have a lighter colour if they are closer to the light source (because they receive more light), as they move from it, colours become darker (the light is blocked by an increasing number of branches, so it doesn’t pass, only some small space allows the light shines to reflect in grey areas). Very important is the light that will get in touch with the blades of grass in the meadow and with the characters’ body, we need to know precisely where there will be the light and half-light areas to keep the illustration harmony.

At the end, the digital colouring procedure is very similar to the previous lessons, so I will not dwell on this point, however if you are curious to know something more run to read the past articles.

Boys and girls, I hope you enjoyed this lesson :3. If you have any questions, leave a comment, I will always be there to answer you! I’ll see you to the next class!

Your Ai-Chan.