Hello to everyone :3 I’m sooo sorry for my absence, but I was on vacation aww…
Sorry Á//Á now I’ve to do some university exams, but I’m back, ready more than ever u.u
Even if I’ve been in vacation I always trained, making/abandoning some sketches and completed drawings. I’ve noticed so many improvements with the help given to me by Aoi-kun and that makes me indeed so happy.
I’m putting a lot of effort at best of my possibilities and I do hope to reach higher levels Á//Á but I am sure I’ll do it, also thanks for your support <3 As I was telling to you, even if I’ve been absent, I tried to keep myself trained, with sketches and completed drawings.

Here some examples:

I’ve found on internet some sketches as reference and I’ve copied them, obviously putting in them something of me.
The “whole” characters were manikins, and the rest all general sketches on points where I’ve some difficulties (like the skirt, the hands…), let’s say: my weaknesses.
Make sure your training goes on, copy a lot and learn the anatomy. Another tip: give a look to some artists those you particularly like (as i did too with Arina Tanemura) and copy some of their works; you’ll surely learn some elements to improve your drawings <3
Besides the various training sketches, I’ve also tried to improve my skills in the lineart. I’ve taken some incomplete sketches and I’ve inked them again properly! u.u (Well…at least I guess so… aww), one of these.

She’s the main character of the manga that I would want to draw Á//Á, still incomplete, when I’ll color her she’ll surely have much more details. If you keep on following me, you’ll see the final result! u.u
However I’m trying to use a more definite sign, giving more attention on the lines.. Let’s say that for now I’m enough satisfied.
At the moment I don’t so much things to show you, I’ll leave you with these two completed sketches those I’ve made in the last period :3
I hope you can notice my improvements in comparison to my previous old sketches Á///Á

Keep on following me, the next time the lessons will resume!
Thankyou <3