The newborn of a comic isn’t really an easy work. Many figures co-work in publishing company, to grant the best final result.

What’s hidden behind the scenes of a publishing house?
A fantastic world, inhabited by quirky characters those, for one reason or another, have really familiar names. A cartoonist is never alone in his journey, many figures accompany him in the path that the comic performs before arriving on the shelves of a comic shop,  to be sold.

The editors correct the texts, the graphics take care of the layout and the quality of the image, the printers are involved in print, publishers manage and coordinate the work of all workers; those are only a few things of the fundamental figures before a comic could be born. The names of these characters aren’t strangers at all, but still marginal figures for our interest.

What’s hidden, instead, behind the scenes of a cartoonist?

What has led to the decision to become such? Where has his/her passion begun? Which disappointments has lived? How much time has passed to train? Has he/she fears or hopes? From who has been inspired to create his works of art? Does he/she work in an Illustrator/writer team or does he/she prefer to do everything alone? And how he/she has been arrived at this choice?

With the help of Virginia we will closely follow the birth of a new cartoonist.
Virginia is a young girl with a lot of imagination and a beautiful technique. Unfortunately she hasn’t yet had the opportunity to develop her skills and technique. For this reason, Aoi Manga will help her to make flourish her skills, while her, in the “Logbook”, will recounts the adventures of a gonna-be cartoonist.